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Watch this video first before deciding anything….


none has won world by gun…

the world can be win by love, Peace..

The Hell Godhara HatyaKand.

Today is the day to think peacefully what we gained and what we lost by this activity..

i know it has been passed 8 years then also telling today to think what we gained and what we lost….

Because after this much time still we could not summarized this thing..

still we are not on concrete decision why this happened and who did…

and few people are arrested as suspicious for this Kand, but they are not yet proved or not scolded…

what is changed after this big Kand….

I am a Gentleman

Posted: 26 February 2010 in Bhaarat

There are four kinds of People in the world

  1. harass
  2. protest
  3. suffer
  4. be away


  1. Harass  : This people creates nuisance in society and innocent people has to suffer.
  2. Protect : This people fights for their rights and dies 😦 
  3. Suffer : This people has decided not to fight but to suffer.
  4. Be away : This people are very intelligent, they never comes in this conditions.

now among this four categories who is dangerous for Society ?

obviously first category, those who harass are never forgiven.

and second category, is good one… who fights for rights and fights till end..

now the last two categories are very crucial

i think this two categories are dangerous for society.

Because people who can’t protest for own rights don’t deserve place on the earth. they are like animal… like buffalo or bullock.

even this animals also protest when things come on head, and family.

and the last category, who are away from this problems…

you know why  they are away from this problems ?

Because this people knows the problem and its solution very well but don’t want to destroy problem, because they are safe…

generally in this category, the learned people comes who are well educated, well settled in their life, business and every where.

and when asked this people to help the innocent people, the answer comes… “we are not criminals (Gunda) , we are gentlemen”

so tell me who are dangerous  for society ?

i think this people who knows the solution but don’t want to protest because it is not their nature.

then my question is “what is their nature ?”

to see people suffering ?

it is very common case, if someone gets an accident at that time lots of cars are passing but none stops and helps, because the person is not known to him..

if somewhere some people are making nuisance at that time, this gentleman just goes away saying “cheap people”, but he could stop the nuisance.

this people are very dangerous for society.

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Is Pakistan our enemy or Muslim ?

Posted: 26 February 2010 in Bhaarat

we all know and i think i don’t need to tell that Pakistan is our enemy country.

now the situation is what ?

Pakistan is Muslim country. so the hindus at Pakistan are not rightworthy civilians of Pakistan, while India is secular country. so all religions are same and all religions have same rights…

so the question is… who is our enemy ? Pakistan Or Muslims.

my view is both Pakistan and muslims.

But …. But….. those muslims who loves pakistan, who serves pakistan, not only muslims, even people who is not honest for india is enemy of India..

so blaming to muslims in india is very wrong… we should change this mentality..

but we should blame to those who supports the terrorist activities in India.

and if we see, because of many cases of terrorism, we have found that muslims religion is working in that activities.

so our mentality becomes that muslims are terrorist.. but its very very wrong.

who is terrorist ?

  • those who blasts bombs ?
  • those who kills people ?
  • those who don’t want to make peace in world ?

definitely they are,, but somewhat we are also..

we don’t care of our society, our towns, our States, and our India.

we are not much more aware or awaken for safety and security of our areas.

because this terrorists stay in between us very long, then also we can’t recognize them.

look, if i am failed in exam, then parents will scold me and tell that i have not taken care of my studies, that’s why i am failed.

so this is same case, if bomb-blast occurs in our area then we are the people who have not cared..

so very first we are 50% responsible for this blasts.

now those people who allows the terrorist activities in India. because without anyone’s help its impossible

In Ramayana, If Ravan didnot have Vibhisan and Rama Didnot have Manthra, then Ramayana was impossible

so there are people who helps our enemy for some cheap benefits.

now the point is, why muslims are being harassed ?

because those terrorists who are muslims stays majorly in Muslim areas( where Muslim is in majority). that’s why.

there is a Pakistani movie named “Khuda ke liye”. in that movie the main character was asked for introduction. he introduced own self as he has come from Pakistan, the US person had not heard that name ever before, the person asked the country, besides India ? …

then the man said Yes.  and its obvious, that when India name comes, Taj Mahal comes in Mind. the man said, Taj mahal was our, and Insah Allah will be back our.

so this is the mentality of a Pakistani… those are our real enemies.

so our main enemies  are our carelessness and Pakistan… not the Indian Muslims.

Jai Hind.

Vande Mataram.

Clear the System….

Posted: 19 February 2010 in Bhaarat

Hello Indians,

every time we say…

“the system is corrupt.”

but my single and simple Question to those who worry about System.. and give their great opinion about System..

many cases we can see..

very common and routine..

  • Traffic police…

Traffic police takes bribes from vehicle drivers..

but i would like to say.. they don’t stand on Road in all season (Hot, Cold or Rain) to snatch money from us..

They stand there to help us, to control the traffic, to maintain the order on Road.

But to control us, System has decided to fine us as per our guilty, as per our broken rule.

but some times that fine we are not ready to give to system so we are corrupting the system…

we are the people who says the Policemen to understand in Twenty bucks in stead of Fifty bucks.

that policeman we standing there only to control the traffic..

he was not learnt at any place to understand like this..

even he is give a memo-book  to fill our fines..

but we are the people who learn them not to write in memo-book…

so who are the corrupt ?????

System  or We.

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Proud to be Indian..

Posted: 14 February 2010 in Bhaarat

in this World… Around 195 Countries… but the one and only one … our India..

stayed strongly from starting…

with lots of attacks of different different cultures, countries then also it is undefeated India..

though some bad time came but after all, learning from all those situations, our india is Today Steady and strong…

india’s people are very emotional. thought corruption is at top then also when thing comes at nation.. all are same…

Proud to be indian..